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This toolkit is meant to serve as a guide for your own event. Please feel free to adapt the suggested guidelines to best fit your school’s population and available resources.

(Washington, D.C.) February 6, 2013 — Part educational, part fundraiser, and part interactive experience, the Jesuit Refugee Service/USA Refugee Camp-Out allows participants to show solidarity with nearly 43 million displaced persons worldwide and sheds light on the growing displacement crisis. This event, designed especially with high schools in mind, invites students to spend time in a public space on campus. 

In the "Camp," students will dine on simple meals, hear guest speakers, and participate in advocacy training sessions. This is an opportunity for participants to find hope in desperate situations and spread hope to the campus community and beyond.

Why do it?

• To bring awareness to an issue affecting nearly 43 million people worldwide

• To broaden the campus community’s worldview and embrace diversity

• To empower the campus community to demand social justice 

• To bring hope to refugees and displaced people worldwide

• Simplicity lies at the heart of this event; planning the Campout is still manageable with a small team!

Please download this PDF and start planning your JRS Refugee Camp-Out.

For more information, please contact the JRS/USA Outreach coordinator at 202.629.5942 or jrsoutreach (at)

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Download the Jesuit Refugee Service/USA CampOut Kit here.