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Al-Sakhour, 7 June 2018 – "It’s when a life enters the darkness and shines again... When a window of change is being opened to the future... When patience is overpowering the trauma of war..."

Aziza is a mother of five children who lost their father two years ago after he was hit by a missile while walking the streets. The thirty-seven-year-old woman used to have many dreams, but within a few years has seen all her hopes, dreams, and aspirations vanishing into thin air!

AL-Moussa’s family are original inhabitants in east Aleppo, Al-Sakhour area. One year ago, they were forced to flee their home for a few days, but they returned, because they did not have another place to go to.

Aziza recalls the day she lost her husband, “It was a day to remember when my husband went to buy bread and he never came back to us. My little son, Moussa, was with him and due to the severity of the bombing, he flew several feet away and fell forcefully to the ground.” As a result, her son has had about two years of continuous surgeries on his hand and suffering from many medical examinations. Eight-year-old Moussa, who has had a hearing and speaking disability since birth, could not escape the ghost of the war.

“Here in AL-Sakhour, after the siege was over, we didn’t have a place to go. The war has made us forget how to live without thinking of the daily worries of life. Finally, we have a space to express ourselves, and someone who listens to us, who sheds light on topics of concern for us. Somehow, through the social sessions that JRS have implemented, we have felt like we’re getting out of the war that we were living”.

She also added that, “The social group sessions have opened a free space, not just to talk about our problems, but more importantly, they also gave us the chance to create solutions to fix them. By the solidarity of JRS and that of ourselves, we have undertaken a lot of initiatives that have benefitted all of us in return”.

Since the JRS community center opened, Aziza has been participating in the social sessions for women, and her three children (Moussa, Yousra, and Rabia’a) have attended the educational and the literacy course. Through these courses they have learned everyday tasks that they had forgotten, like how to hold a pen to write, spell a simple phrase correctly, and accurately read the Qur’an.

“I have never seen my little Moussa living his childhood as he is now, it’s like his smile has been reborn on his face. The schools here usually neglect children like Moussa because of their disabilities, but JRS have welcomed Moussa with a lot of love and care.

Aziza is confident that she will go on with her life and not miss an opportunity to learn or grow more as mother and a survivor. 

For this World Refugee Day, June 20, 2018, JRS/USA is asking you, our friends and supporters, to join us in calling on the President to stand with and support our Syrian brothers and sisters. Help us remind him and the Administration that we continue to have a responsibility to take humanitarian action during this crisis.  

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