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Videos about the JRS mission of Accompaniment
Accompaniment is an essential element of the mission and methodology of Jesuit Refugee Service/USA. To accompany means to be a companion. We are companions of Jesus, so we wish to be companions of those with whom he preferred to be associated, the poor and the outcast. To accompany is a practical and effective action. Not infrequently it is precisely the way in which protection is given. It is a way to ‘internationalize’ a situation. The presence of an international team can sometimes prevent an attack on refugees. Moreover, presence can be a sign. That a free person chooses willingly and faithfully to accompany those who are not free, who had no choice about being there, is itself a sign, a way of eliciting hope.

Emmylou Harris shines a light on refugee crisis

Jesuit Refugee Service: Heal Learn Thrive

Emmylou Harris for Jesuit Refugee Service

Accompanying refugees in their journey

One Human Family

Refugees from Sudan push forward via education in Chad

Education is hope for refugees

Ethiopia: Recreational Activities Provide Hope for Young Refugees

Counseling services help refugees in Kakuma begin to heal

Serving refugees from Somalia in Ethiopia

Central American refugees flee violence

Jesuit Refugee Service/USA serves immigration detainees

Inter-Faith Teams inspire Hope in Syria

Accompanying the displaced in Syria

Dialogue is the best hope for peace in Syria

Accompanying people in detention

Syria: Jesuit Refugee Service programs helping the displaced

Jesuitas responden al problema de apatrida en República Dominicana

Jesuits respond to statelessness problem in the Dominican Republic

A Learning experience at Kakuma Refugee Camp

Jesuit higher education program at Kakuma refugee camp

Kindling Hope through Learning: Higher Education for Refugees

Sports Activities for Young Refugees in Ethiopia

Accompanying refugees from Eritrea in Ethiopia

Multi Purpose Hall Serves Refugees in Ethiopia

Malta: Spirit of Accompaniment

Your generosity enables our service to refugees and the forcibly displaced

JRS Italy

Urban Refugees in Bangkok

Peace and Reconciliation in Colombia

Seeking peace in Colombia

Programs in Colombia

World Refugee Day 2012

Global approach to urban refugee issues

Refugee Voices

Imago Dei — Detention in the USA

Imago Dei — Humanitarian Aid Worker

Behind the Scenes: Jesuit Drama in Sacramento

Imago Dei: Jesuit High Sacramento presents play about refugees

Jesuit Refugee Service pastoral program in Addis Ababa

Hope for Haiti

Accompaniment plays a key role

Kino Border Initiative: People helping people

Peace through education in Southern Sudan

JRS accompanies urban uefugees

JRS mission is bound by accompaniment

Jesuit Refugee Service and Accompaniment

JRS/USA ministers to detainees

Jesuit Refugee Service answers call of faith

JRS: A vocation to change the world

Urban refugee programs in Thailand

JRS focus on Urban Refugees

Jesuit Refugee Service and Urban Refugees

JRS on the border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Faith and Joy in Haiti

Building a future in Haiti

Broken immigration system separates families

Kino Border Initiative responds to migrants in need

The Legacy of Pedro Arrupe

Reconciliation and Peace

Kino Border Initiative

Transforming Hearts

'Forces of Good' at work at work on border

Jesuit Refugee Service - Europe

JRS and Bhutanese refugees

Sudanese refugees return to their homeland

Jesuit Refugee Service - Latin America & Caribbean

Jesuit Refugee Service - West Africa

Jesuit Refugee Service - Eastern Africa

Jesuit Refugee Service - Grands Lacs