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JRS/USA Continues to Support People Detained by the DHS

Washington, D.C. 29 June 2018 – Jesuit Refugee Service/USA continues to support people detained by the Department of Homeland Security in five U.S. Federal Detention Centers. This includes mothers and fathers who have been separated from their children. In these detention centers we provide comfort and accompaniment to distraught parents by offering a range of emotional and spiritual support at an extremely difficult time for these mothers and fathers.

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Sister Lynn Allvin of the Detention Chaplaincy Program Shares Her Story

An interview with Sister Lynn Allvin who works as a chaplain in a federal detention centers, providing pastoral and religious assistance for non-US citizens detained by the Department of Homeland Security.

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Detention center chaplain provides hope
(Miami) March 28, 2016 — Life can take many unconventional twists and turns. From bodyguard to air traffic controller to airline executive to Catholic lay minster, Carlos Bustamante has enjoyed an exceptionally full life. But it’s his latest role, as a detention facility chaplain for Jesuit Refugee Service/USA at the Krome Service Processing Center in Miami, that’s perhaps his greatest challenge.
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JRS chaplains serve detained families at new site
(Washington, D.C.) July 17, 2014 — On June 20, the Department of Homeland Security announced they would open a temporary facility to detain undocumented immigrant families in Artesia, New Mexico. Jesuit Refugee Service/USA has been asked to provide chaplains to help meet the spiritual needs of these families in detention.
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Video: serving people in Federal detention centers
(Washington, D.C.) February 6, 2014 — Jesuit Refugee Service/USA provides direct service via the Detention Chaplaincy Program. The JRS/USA chaplaincy programs provide pastoral and religious assistance to meet the needs of men and women held in three Federal detention centers.
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Online resource for detention center chaplains
(Washington, D.C.) October 5, 2011 — Jesuit Refugee Service/USA believes that ensuring detainee access to a Religious Service Program is crucially important because detainees have a fundamental right to freedom and exercise of religion. To further that aspect of our mission, we have compiled a Religious Service Program Guide to assist chaplains at detention centers throughout the United States.
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Detention center chaplains train in L.A.
(Washington, D.C.) September 20, 2011 — Jesuit Refugee Service/USA offered training to six chaplains from detention centers across the United States during a three-day meeting in Los Angeles last month. JRS/USA based the training on knowledge gained via our long years of service to detainees in our Detention Chaplaincy Program.
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Jesuit Refugee Service ministers to detainees
(Washington, D.C.) — "We make sure men and women who are detained have access to the solace of their God, in whatever religious tradition they come from," says Fr. Gavin, noting that JRS ministers to Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Protestant and other detainees.
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Inside a Federal Detention Center
(Florence, Arizona) — Three hundred men dressed in yellow, orange and blue prison jumpsuits had gathered under the shade of the open air sports facility in the confines of this detention center not far from the Mexican border.
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