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Impact of your Gift

$25: a pair of school shoes, or a school bag, for one child

$50: a complete uniform for a child

$100: a basic bedding kit: one mattress, two sheets, one pillow, two blankets and two towels

$100 will provide a new refugee in Nairobi, Kenya, with food, rent and medical support for up to four months.

$150: 150 liters of heating oil (for winter) in Syria

$200: skills training, like hairdressing and leather craft, for a refugee in Addis Ababa to sustain life and generate income in the future.

$500: Annual cost of preschool for one student in Maban, South Sudan

$1,000: Affords a scholarship for a year of schooling for one child in Erbil, Iraq, including uniforms, books, school supplies, and a hygiene kit

$6,000: provides counseling training to 100 refugee leaders and life skills and awareness-raising workshops to 1,000 refugees a year in Mai Aini refugee camp in northern Ethiopia

$10,000: Salaries for five secondary school teachers in Guereda and Iriba, Chad

Support from the U.S. Jesuit Conference covers nearly all of our management and fundraising expenses, allowing us to direct nearly 100% of your contribution to programs that assist refugees — direct service, advocacy, and educational outreach — both nationally and internationally. For a more detailed look at our financials, please view our latest Annual Report

Thank you so much for helping us to accompany, serve, and advocate for refugees and displaced persons in 47 countries around the world.