Promote Refugee Resettlement in the U.S.

15 January 2020

Venezuelans crossing the border in Colombia. (George Castellanos)

In this Federal Fiscal Year, a maximum of 18,000 refugees will be allowed into the U.S. through the Refugee Admissions Program, the lowest level in U.S. history. To date, nearly 4 months into the fiscal year, the U.S. has only resettled 3,219 refugees, just 18 percent toward that goal. At the same time, the Administration has issued a new Executive Order that requires official consent from state and local government officials to resettle refugees in their area. While some cities and states continue to welcome refugees, we’re disheartened to learn that states like Texas are no longer willing to accept refugees.

We must oppose these barriers to offering some of the world’s most vulnerable refugees the protection they so desperately need. Please take action by urging your Representative and Senators to co-sponsor the GRACE Act, which sets a minimum refugee admissions goal of 95,000 and will help restore the refugee resettlement program which provides hope for thousands of vulnerable refugees each year.