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13 Jan, 2020

Meet Marceline: She’s from the JRS’s health department. Each day she visits sick refugees and migrants who struggle to access health care in South Africa.

09 Jan, 2020

Meet Patience: She’s a refugee from Zimbabwe who faced many hardships as she and her family journeyed to safety, after their lives were endangered. JRS provided them with resources and guidance as they prepared for life in the U.S. She’s now Jesuit educated and hoping to use her skills to help others in need.

06 Jan, 2020

This week the Catholic Church in the United States is recognizing those seeking safety and a better life by celebrating National Migration Week from January 5-11.

26 Dec, 2019

Access to formal education can improve the well-being of refugees in camps, and significantly develops their skills and knowledge. The young girls in the Jesuit Refugee Service Safe Haven shelter are enthusiastic about their education despite the harsh conditions in the camp.

19 Dec, 2019

Fr. Joe Hampson S.J. reflects on the question he was able to ask of Pope Francis about refugees, and how Pope Francis’s response is important to hear during this week’s Global Refugee Forum.

19 Dec, 2019

Djamila is 12 years old and, until very recently, was among the 56% of school-age refugee children in Chad not going to school. Like many other children her age, Djamila must work to support her family.

12 Dec, 2019

Today we celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe. As we celebrate her feast day, may we use her as a model for how to welcome those seeking freedom, security, or a hopeful future in our own country. Just as Mary humbly revealed herself, so to must we welcome those who have been marginalized in society have important contributions to make.

11 Dec, 2019

Hana’a AL-Saleh is a 10-years-old who found hope through her friends and the program she attended at the JRS Center in Aleppo.

10 Dec, 2019

Despite their traumatic past, refugee women found the strength to learn how to read and write through JRS literacy courses and to encourage other women to rebuild their lives. Dae is a refugee living in Cameroon. She has been elected president of the Gado Women’s Association.