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15 Oct, 2019

Meet Rafael and Yorbelys, a young couple from Portuguesa, Venezuela. Raising a family with two young boys in Venezuela was becoming exceptionally difficult, so they fled to find a better life. Read their full story.

08 Oct, 2019

Meet Estefani: She was pregnant when she left Venezuela in order to provide adequate care for her baby. Due to the economic and political situation in Venezuela, she could not find the prenatal care she needed during pregnancy. Read her full story.

03 Oct, 2019

Meet Luisa: She left Venezuela because of the economic crisis. Her family was directly impacted by the rising medical costs that prevented members of her family from receiving medical treatment. Read her full story.

30 Sep, 2019

Francine is an intelligent 18-year-old who arrived in the Dzaleka refugee camp of Malawi in 2002 with her parents when she was only one. She has lived in a refugee camp for most of her life.

27 Sep, 2019

The mother and her children were warned. Days after the daughter saw a drug deal happen at school, a boy came to the door of their house in a neighborhood outside Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and told them they had three days to leave the country before the gang would come and kill them all. They knew what happened to enemies of the gangs. They left.

18 Sep, 2019

Perfect arrived in the Dzaleka camp with her older sister in 2012. At the time, she was 12, and her sister, Patience, was only 15.

05 Sep, 2019

Ireen Ngabireyimana is attending a boarding secondary school with a Naweza scholarship.

After arriving in Malawi with her parents in 2012, she enrolled in sixth grade at the only primary school in the Dzaleka refugee camp. Malawi schools teach in English, and Ireen came from francophone Burundi.

03 Sep, 2019

Claudine is a young woman from Burundi who volunteers as a community social worker for the Naweza (Swahili for “I can”) Project in Dzaleka refugee camp. Naweza was created in partnership with the Fidel Götz Foundation, and is meant to help increase access for refugee girls to quality education, security, and overall well-being.