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13 Jun, 2019

Ms. Noella Kabale, a 25-year-old refugee from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), has lived in Kampala since 2012. She has benefited from different JRS services: English language, Fashion & Design and entrepreneurship training.

11 Jun, 2019

Fr. David Holdcroft SJ, the Professional and Post-Secondary Education Specialist at JRS, is leading the Pathfinder initiative, a program enable refugees to reach their educational and professional potential.

11 Jun, 2019

With her new skills and sources of income from her JRS livelihoods training, Rishna helps cover some of the household expenses for her family.

10 Jun, 2019

Meet Kaadi Ali Ibrahim: He used to measure his assets in livestock – camels, cattle and goats – but his new home in Melkadida refugee camp does not offer much space to herd or trade animals. Those who flee must leave not only their homes, but their whole livelihoods behind. Read more!

29 May, 2019

Read this heartfelt prayer from Fr. Leo J. O’Donovan, S.J. as we pray for refugees and migrants on World Refugee Day.

29 May, 2019

Meet Fabiola Cordero: As the JRS Ecuador Livelihoods Coordinator, Fabiola collaborates with refugees in developing business plans and putting them into action. Learn how she works with refugees and asylum seekers from Venezuela and Colombia to develop the necessary skills to enter the local economy.

29 May, 2019

On the feast of Our Lady of the Way, Father General renews the commitment of JRS for the poor and the excluded.

29 May, 2019

Last week, JRS/USA Executive Director, Joan Rosenhauer proudly received an honorary doctorates degree of humane letters and spoke at the 2019 Commencement of the School of Nursing & Health Studies.

20 May, 2019

JRS has implemented a new monitoring and evaluation technique which focuses on the outcomes and impact of our services through stories of change. At a recent workshop in Lebanon, Noor, a Syrian refugee, reflected on the impact JRS’s services had on her life.