Director’s Corner: Remembering Refugee Mothers

13 May 2022|Joan Rosenhauer

During the month of May, we especially honor Mary, the mother of our Lord, and all mothers who provide love and care for their families. Among the most impressive mothers I have met are refugee mothers. They face incredible challenges, having fled their homes and often encountering major hurdles in providing for the basic needs of their children. Yet they find it within themselves to remain resilient and provide the love and support their families need. 

Like refugee mothers, Mary was forced to flee to save her child’s life and, also like many refugee mothers, she was turned away in her hour of need multiple times. 

We must not make the same mistake. Instead, we must open ourselves to how we can help, even if we do not think we have much to offer. The truth is: we all have something to offer. Whether that is time or money or our voices that advocate for the rights and safety of refugees even when they waver, we all have something. 

I think of Helen, who now resides in Mexico after fleeing from domestic abuse in her native Guatemala with her three children. I also think of Mourra, displaced in Chad, who finished her secondary education as a refugee while raising her child, of Yasmine, a Syrian refugee who returned to Syria at great personal risk after her children were abducted only to return to Lebanon with them so that they would be safe, and of countless others whose own stories of their desire to keep their children safe mirror Mary’s own journey. 

During May, we honor Mary, who fled her home to protect her precious Son, and to support all the mothers like her who have fled their homes to keep their children safe and to help them build dignified and fulfilling lives. 

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