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Displaced Venezuelans

Since 2015, more than 5 million refugees and migrants have fled the ongoing political, human rights, and socio-economic crisis in Venezuela. In countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, they struggle to meet their basic needs and continue facing increased challenges as a result of COVID-19. On June 17th, over 40 countries will again participate in the International Donors Conference in Solidarity with Venezuelan Refugees and Migrants. This event will give visibility to the worst displacement crisis suffered by Latin America at a time when only 4% of the funds requested by UN agencies and host communities has been met. We must call on donors to prioritize funding and political action that meets the basic needs and human rights of those who have been displaced by the crisis in Venezuela.

Together with Magis Americas, we’re urging the US Government to announce financial and political commitments at the Donors’ Conference to ensure that the human rights and humanitarian needs of Venezuelans are being met.

Take Action

Please join us in taking action today!  By sending a strong message to our policymakers, we can help guarantee that Venezuelans are not forgotten.

Review and download our collective conference statements below for more information.

2021 Venezuela Conferencia Donantes Pronunciamiento, Spanish

2021 Venezuela Donor Conference Statement, English

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