Take Action for Displaced Venezuelans

In our own hemisphere, more than 3 million Venezuelans have fled to neighboring countries from human rights abuses and a lack of access to basic needs, including food and medicine. As the number of displaced people continues to increase – with more than 5,000 arrivals a day – and the humanitarian emergency in Venezuela intensifies, an effective international response is needed to protect the human rights, dignity, and livelihoods of these displaced men, women, and children.

JRS is actively responding to this humanitarian emergency by assisting Venezuelans who have fled to Colombia and Ecuador. We are providing legal assistance, livelihoods training, psychosocial support, and “know your rights” workshops. JRS also operates three shelter networks throughout Ecuador for refugees and asylum seekers. All of our efforts seek to meet the needs of those who have been displaced from their homes and reduce tensions between host and refugee communities.

The United States must participate in upholding the protection of Venezuelans by maintaining a robust humanitarian response and ensuring that procedures for regularization and integration are available to those who are displaced.

Use this form to send a letter to your policymakers urging them to uphold the protection of Venezuelan refugees and migrants.