War in Sudan

Resources to help support refugees from Sudan.

In mid-April, fighting erupted in Sudan as a result of a rivalry between two military groups who ousted Sudan’s longtime dictator in 2019. Instead of handing the power back to civilian leaders, the generals started feuding over which military group would take ownership of the armed forces.

Since then around 100,000 Sudanese have fled their homes in search of safety.


The JRS Sudan Conflict Crisis Group (JRS SCCG) has reported that hundreds keep crossing Sudan frontiers in search of safety to Chad, Ethiopia, and South Sudan on a daily basis. In all these 3 countries, JRS is present and is part of the inter-agency response and reception teams. This number includes South Sudanese, Chadian, Sudanese returnees, and other nationalities.

The UN reports that more than 75,000 people have been internally displaced in Sudan as a result, and it is estimated that nearly 40,000 have crossed borders. While JRS is not currently present in Sudan, we have long-standing operations in Chad, South Sudan and Ethiopia. Our staff on the ground are working closely with other organisations and reception teams to assess the situation and support those forced to flee Sudan.   

What can I do to respond?

There are ways that you can help those who have been forced to flee from the conflict in Sudan:

  • GiveTo accommodate the influx of refugees, an urgent and emergency fund is needed for early response. JRS will continue being present where the needs are greatest. This response equips us to be prepared and contribute to cope with the human consequences of this outbreak of violence, as we continue to serve, accompany, and advocate for those who need us most during this difficult time.