Global: JRS Update on the Sudan Crisis From Our Colleagues in the Region

04 May 2023|JRS EAR & JRS WAF

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The JRS Sudan Conflict Crisis Group (JRS SCCG) has reported that hundreds keep crossing Sudan frontiers in search of safety to Chad, Ethiopia and South Sudan on a daily basis. This number includes South Sudanese, Chadian, Sudanese returnees, and other nationalities.

As of May 1st, nearly 9,000 people have crossed to Ethiopia, a total of 23,943 to South Sudan, and more than 21,000 to Chad. In all these 3 countries, JRS is present and is part of the inter-agency response and reception teams.

With these new displacements, JRS has undertaken the following actions:

  • A visit to Renk, the shared frontier with Sudan and main point of entry in the country for displaced people, to assess the general situation of displaced populations into South Sudan and to define which are the best areas of support for JRS to work in a coordinated¬†manner with other organizations.

The visit identified several gaps that the expertise of JRS can support. These included: referral assistance for refugees in need of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) services, initial entry consultation to provide information, pastoral accompaniment for those who request it, and identifying and making referrals from refugees who need medical support and non-food items.

Nevertheless, in Chad, it is being considered to support with the education of new arrivals as well as offering protection services to the most vulnerable ones, profiting the expertise on JRS Chad in both areas. A detailed budget is being developed as the magnitude of the crisis is assessed and the next movements of displaced people. However, to accommodate the influx of refugees, an urgent and emergency fund is needed for early response.

JRS will continue being present where the needs are greatest. This response equips us to be prepared and contribute to cope with the human consequences of this outbreak of violence, as we continue to serve, accompany, and advocate for those who need us most during this difficult time.