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14 May, 2020

With the challenges, fear and isolation that COVID-19 have caused, the mental health and psychosocial support needs of forcibly displaced people have become even more acute. JRS continues to provide mental health and psychosocial support during this time, responding to existing or new needs.

12 May, 2020

Former JRS student, Rev. Claudine Leary, Director of Development at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio and Executive Director and Co-founder of Watoto Read, continues to advocate for the education of children and young adults living in refugee camps in Sub Saharan Africa.

08 May, 2020

JRS Ecuador continues its work to accompany, serve, and advocate for those who are displaced. Luisa, and Educational Psychologist and mother to a son with a disability, fled from Venezuela right before the health Emergency. Though precautions had to be taken, JRS was still able to welcome her and her family and help them to shelter in place.

30 Apr, 2020

Mallory Murphy spent a semester abroad in Thailand and was able to spend time volunteering with JRS in Bangkok. She reflects on how the refugees she met were just looking for opportunities to create a better life and how we must continue to open doors through education even during COVID-19.

27 Apr, 2020

Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) MENA continues monitor the ongoing crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the people of Syria.

23 Apr, 2020

The U.S. Administration announced a new Executive Order that places a 60-day halt on immigration, impacting many individuals seeking permanent resident status in the United States. Jesuit Refugee Service/USA and the Jesuit Conference Office of Justice and Ecology oppose this Executive Order and other policies which disrupt our immigration system and have left many unsafe or vulnerable.

23 Apr, 2020

Refugees need particular support as they are often more vulnerable to the spread of the virus. Many refugees live in overcrowded camps or urban areas, with a lack access to clean water, and are in countries with failing or stretched medical systems. Living conditions for many forcibly displaced people are so crowded that “social distancing” is not possible. Refugees need your support more than ever. JRS has six ways you can support refugees during COVID-19.

22 Apr, 2020

Climate change is having significant impacts around the world and powerful weather events, often the result of climate change, have captured the public’s attention. But how is climate change impacting displacement of people?

20 Apr, 2020

Education is a core activity of JRS, and in the midst of the current crisis, we are finding unique ways to ensure that displaced children have the opportunity to learn and thrive. Access to internet, technology, or even electricity is limited for many displaced children. However, JRS is using the tools it has to educate children when and where we can.