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27 Sep, 2022

South Sudan is experiencing a fourth consecutive year of severe flooding in 2022. Over the last 3 weeks, the Maban region (Upper Nile State) has been hit by three successive waves of flooding, which have caused widespread destruction and triggered secondary displacement of the refugee, returnee, and host communities

21 Sep, 2022

JRS Lebanon provides details on the importance of providing basic necessities during crises.

20 Sep, 2022

Meet Jovana Nieto, the JRS/USA Community Coordinator who oversees the the process of finding volunteers for the Migrant Accompaniment Network. Read about her experience at the border of US/Mexico.

13 Sep, 2022

Children make up a significant amount—nearly 31% of the total refugee population in Addis, Abba. Resources are scarce for these vulnerable populations who are in desperate need of services to cope with the uncertainties of their futures.

06 Sep, 2022

Having fled violence in his homecountry, Nelson, a Cameroonian refugee turns businessman and starts a profitable shoe enterprise in Nigeria.

29 Aug, 2022

The One Proposal provides a coordinated, unified response from the Society of Jesus to the Ukraine crisis. Through this initiative, JRS and the Xavier Network, which coordinate the global response from the Society of Jesus, will accompany, serve, and advocate for refugees fleeing conflict in Ukraine over the course of the next three years.

22 Aug, 2022

After recruiting roughly 117 (106 males, 11females) Computer Course Trainees, JRS Maban Computer Course commenced on January 24th, 2022, however the learning continued through April 25th, 2022.. The JRS Computer Skills Tutors had to move everyday morning to the field site carrying a total of 41 laptops, Projector, and a power generator.

16 Aug, 2022

Humans are designed to seek out companionship. Regardless of social, economic, or cultural backgrounds we desire accompaniment. For many, companionship is the sole method of coping, even in the most adverse of scenarios. Recently, staff members from JRS/USA were able to witness this firsthand in Ecuador

15 Aug, 2022

Afghanistan and its people are suffering from crises on multiple fronts, and as a result, they are fleeing for the lives. Following the Taliban’s takeover of the Afghanistan Government last year, the U.S. has accepted over 75,000 at-risk Afghans under humanitarian parole.

A young child laying on a mother's shoulder with her back turned towards the camera. There are various people in the background as well.