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03 Jul, 2019
14 Jun, 2019

Want to get involved with JRS/USA? Use this resource guide.

13 Jun, 2019

Host a screening of Not Just Football, a film by Paolo Casalis that documents the origin story of Darfur United, a soccer team created by Darfuri Refugees. Partner with JRS/USA and iAct in bringing this documentary to your local community.

27 Feb, 2019

Whether you have a regular daily prayer you’d like to dedicate during the time of Lent, or you’d like to use Lent as an opportunity to focus your energy towards migrants and refugees, we have a guide for prayer for each day of Lent.

26 Feb, 2019

Use these Stations of the Cross to accompany Jesus on his journey, as we watch and pray over displaced people around the world.

28 Jan, 2019

This prayer of gratitude is from a detainee at a U.S. Federal Detention Center whom JRS/USA serves as part of our Detention Chaplaincy Project, a program that provides pastoral and religious assistance to meet the needs of migrants and refugees detained in five US federal detention centers located in Florida, Texas, Arizona and New York.

25 Sep, 2018

This policy note is a response to the Global Compact on Refugees agreed to at the UN General Assembly in New York.

01 Sep, 2018

Gather your family, friends, classmates, or fellow parishioners and see what it might be like to Walk a Mile in a refugee’s shoes.