Number of people served: 146

In recent years, the Hungarian government has been resistant to allow asylum seekers to cross its borders and receive refugee status. In 2017, Hungary granted refugee status to just 1,216 people, and currently only two asylum seekers per day are allowed to enter the country.

Our Work in Hungary

JRS began work in Hungary in 2015 with a shelter to serve unaccompanied minors. JRS Hungary (Jezsuita Menekült Szolgálat) primarily focuses on services for those who received refugee status in the country. JRS provides social, educational, housing, and legal assistance. JRS also advocates for more acceptance and tolerance in policy and public discourse.

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A refugee boy blows bubbles in the streets of Hungary. (Kristóf Hölvényi)
A family lays cuddled close in front of their tent at a transit center at the Serbian-Hungarian boarder. (Kristóf Hölvényi)
Many croud around a walled chalked with wrting that reads " We are not terroist, we need just peace" in Budapest. (Kristóf Hölvényi)


JRS Hungary Country Director

Sajgó Szabolcs S.J.

Contact info:

JMSZ, Budapest 1085Horánszky utca 20