Our Work in Ireland

JRS Ireland provides outreach and support to individuals, families and children seeking asylum in Ireland at all stages of the protection process residing in state provided Direct Provision accommodation.  


  • Asylum Seeker Supportproviding support through accompaniment, outreach, language classes, educational and psychosocial support.  
  • Integration: supporting education, training, employment and access to housing.  
  • Detention: visiting immigration detainees and advocating for more just detention policies. 
  • Advocacyraising awareness and lobbying for fairer immigration and asylum systems. 

 Policy Priorities: 

  • Protection Process: A fair, transparent and adequately resourced asylum process, producing good quality final determinations of protection claims in a timely manner. 
  • Reception: Consistent and effective access to dedicated reception facilities providing orientation services; mental health and wellbeing supports; and information and advice services.  
  • Living ConditionsAdvocating for an independent living model that enable applicants to live with dignity while awaiting a final determination of their claim 
  • PersonCentred Supports: Comprehensive range of educational, employment, psychosocial and intercultural supports responsive to the needs of applicants from the moment of arrival. 
  • Integration: An equitable and sustainable model of integration for all persons granted international protection and/or permission to remain that connect with local communities. 
  • Sharing Responsibility: Enhanced safe and legal routes to access international protection. 

JRS Ireland is generously supported by the Irish Jesuit Province. 

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Drumming workshop in Balseskin, part of JRS Ireland's integration programming. (Jesuit Refugee Service)
JRS Ireland provides services that aim to enhance the capacity of asylum seekers and their families to participate fully in society, including language classes provided on a one-to-one basis. (Jesuit Refugee Service)