Republic of North Macedonia

Our Work in Macedonia

Because of its location on the border between Greece and the rest of Europe, hundreds of thousands of refugees, mostly from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq, traveled through Macedonia in 2015 and 2016. Since borders closed in 2016, the situation has since stabilized, but some refugees still remain and seek asylum in the country.

JRS Macedonia focuses on assisting asylum seekers accommodated at the Reception Center and in private accommodation. Foreigners/asylum seekers with the restriction of freedom of movement are assisted at the Reception Center for foreigners and refugees/migrants at the Transit Centers. 

 The activities and services provided vary between each center and can be summed up as the following: 

Reception Center:

  1. Social protection
  2. Social corner (interaction, games, TV, coffee, tea, cookies, reading books, food supplements)
  3. Pre-school kindergarten; sports activities (football, basketball, Ping-Pong, athletic gymnastic)
  4. Free legal aid and legal counseling

Reception Center for foreigners (Detention Center): 

  1. Psycho-social support
  2. Food supplement, coffee, tea, cookies, Ping-Pong, social games, basic medicine support, basic hygiene kit
  3. Communication room; gym room manage by the JRS Macedonia
  4. Free legal aid and legal counseling

Transit Center Vinojug and Transit Center Tabanovce: 

  1. Social protection
  2. Psychosocial support into basic needs and services
  3. Social activities (interaction, coffee, tea, cookies), food supplements, basic medicine support, basic hygiene kit
  4. Free legal aid and legal counseling



Signed MoU with the Ombudsman; Written approval from the Director of the Public Security Bureau, Ministry of Interior for access in the Reception Center for foreigners, Skopje, and Signed MoU with the Ministry of Justice for free legal aid.