Our work in Syria

After the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Syria become home to more than 1 million Iraqi refugees. Since then, the Syrian War has displaced millions of civilians. At the end of 2017, more than 6 million Syrians had fled the country as refugees, another 6 million Syrian remain displaced inside the country.

JRS Syria began its work in 2008 with a range of activities and programs for Iraqis who had sought refuge in Syria. These activities changed dramatically with the outbreak of the Syrian crisis in March 2011. For more than seven years now, the war has taken its toll on the lives and property of the Syrian people. JRS Syria has been responding to the needs of those most affected by the conflict in and around Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Kafroun, and rural Tartous. JRS Syria serves internally displaced Syrians with health services, education, child protection, livelihood training, and emergency aid. 

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A Syrian woman in Al-Sakhour, Eastern Aleppo. (Jesuit Refugee Service)
A JRS Syria team member visits Amina, a Syrian girl who has taught herself to read and write after being displaced from the conflict. (Jesuit Refugee Service)
End of the semester of the JRS Al-Sakhour Community Centre, Aleppo. (Jesuit Refugee Service)
A Syrian woman in Al-Sakhour, Eastern Aleppo. (Jesuit Refugee Service)