Number of people served in 2020: 452

Just over 5,000 people applied for asylum in Poland in 2017. Poland has generally been wary of accepting refugees and its government stood in opposition of relocating refugees from Greece and Italy. However, some parts of the country, like the city of Gdansk have been recognized as leaders in Europe for the welcome and integration of refugess into the local community.

Our Work in Poland

JRS Poland focuses on cultural integration and education. JRS offers Polish language course, computer skills workshops, and special workshops for children, like art, sculpture, and science. JRS also started a Polish cooking class to help integrate refugees into the local community.



JRS Poland Country Director:

Grzegorz Bochenek S.J.


Contact info

Jezuickie Centrum Społeczne “W Akcji”ul. Rakowiecka 6102-532, Warsaw 


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