Afghans walking in Kabul, Afghanistan

Crisis in Afghanistan

Learn how you can help displaced Afghans worldwide

Afghan evacuees have left all that they know behind, and many are arriving in the U.S. with little to nothing, the U.S. must do everything in its power to offer protection and security for as long as necessary to those requiring our assistance.
Joan Rosenhauer, JRS Executive Director
Afghan refugees need our help worldwide. Please join us by supporting JRS’s programs to help Afghans rebuild their lives in countries around the world including in the US. By advocating for US policies that can ensure that the US lives up to our obligation,  we can help protect vulnerable Afghans here and globally.


JRS is establishing programs to provide for immediate needs and longer-term support of Afghan refugees as they arrive in the US and other regions of the world. In the US, we are setting up welcoming teams and helping to establish social service programs, including recreational programs for children and Mental Health and Psychosocial support.
As Afghanistan faces crisis and conflict following the Taliban’s takeover of the Afghan government, the US and its partners must provide immediate safety and humanitarian protection to the Afghan people. This includes displacement within Afghanistan, refugees who have fled to neighboring countries, and those evacuated to the US and other host nations.
JRS/USA calls on the Biden Administration and Congress to:
  • Maintain critical overseas humanitarian assistance to ensure that the basic needs of Afghans are met.
  • Move quickly in processing Afghan evacuees and ensure that those arriving in the US under “humanitarian parole” have access to adequate resources to support their transition to the US
  • Support and pass an Afghan Adjustment Act, which would provide critical assistance to Afghan refugees arriving in the US
  • Fulfill the 2022 fiscal year refugee admissions goal of 125,000 set by the Biden Administration earlier this year.


There are multiple ways to advocate with JRS/USA and help provide direct assistance to Afghans worldwide. We’ve provided a few options below to help you get started.


Your gift to JRS/USA can support Afghan refugees as they resettle and recover during this treacherous and tumultuous time.

Your donations can be made here.



You can provide support by urging your policymakers to provide immediate safety and humanitarian protection to the Afghan people.