Migrant Accompaniment Network

The JRS/USA Migrant Accompaniment Network is a program of Jesuit Refugee Service/USA in collaboration with the Kino Border Initiative (KBI), the Ignatian Solidarity Network (ISN) and the Jesuit Community of El Paso. The Migrant Accompaniment Network is housed as an integral part of the JRS/USA Binational Border Program (Caminar Contigo). The network engages volunteers across the U.S. and collaborates with partners in Mexico border cities, as well as throughout Mexico and Central America. It seeks to secure support and assistance for recently arrived asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants in their process of integration into their receiving communities across the U.S.

Volunteer with the Migrant Accompaniment Network

The JRS Migrant Accompaniment Network invites Jesuit affiliated organizations and individuals, as well as other religious congregations, churches, or migrant serving organizations, groups, individuals, or ministries to participate in welcoming and accompanying recently arrived individuals in their transition to living in a new environment. Involved individuals and groups will become Community Based Companions (CBCs) or points of contact in the area where they live. CBCs will be a human connection for recently arrived refugees and asylum-seeking families to guide them to local services and resources that can meet their housing, employment, legal, medical, pastoral care, and other needs. The goals of CBCs are to accompany individuals, help create community and achieve a sense of stability for newcomers, assist in meeting their more pressing needs, and and facilitate friendship and support.

We are hoping that welcoming communities become better informed and more open to see the testimony of faith and hope, as well as the positive contributions that arriving individuals can make to their new place of residence. We are inviting you to consider participating in the JRS Migrant Accompaniment Network. You can become an individual companion, a leader or member of a team of companions, invite your community to participate.


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