JRS Romania staff is at North Station, assisting Ukrainian refugees arriving by train.

War in Ukraine

Resources to Support Ukraine Refugees

With millions of people forced to flee their homes, the conflict in Ukraine has caused one of the world’s fastest and largest displacement crisis. Increasing humanitarian needs continue to threaten the futures of displaced Ukrainians.

As one year has passed since the start of the conflict, JRS together with partners, have accompanied and served more than 54.000 people in 14 countries. The ongoing response has also helped keep hope alive in the midst of the crisis.

What can I do to respond?

There are ways that you can help those who have been forced to flee from the conflict in Ukraine:

  • Give: support JRS’s response and our work in Europe, where the situation is rapidly unfolding. We continue to accompany, serve, and advocate for those forced to flee from war and conflict, and your support is needed during this devastating time. You can also start your on fundraiser on behalf of JRS.
  • Learn: Find out how JRS is working internationally to support refugees from Ukraine through The One Proposal
  • Pray: use this prayer.
  • Advocate:  We thank the Administration – and all JRS advocates who took action – for supporting Temporary Protected Status for Ukrainians living in the U.S. We also urge the US Department of State and USAID to support local organizations providing relief to Ukrainians within their country and beyond and encourage the US. Congress to appropriate the funds needed to support UNHCR’s emergency response efforts. Take Action here
Ukraine Crisis


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