Global Initiatives in Refugee and Migrant Education

15 November 2018 at 8:00am
Manhattan College 4513 Manhattan College Parkway Bronx, NY 10471

The global refugee reality is one of the major challenges facing the human community in our time. Universities have an important role to play in responding to this global reality through its mission of teaching, research and social responsibility.

The organizers are planning a conference on the responsibility and roles of universities and other institutions especially in light of the Global Compact on Refugees emerging from the UN. In addition, the Conference “Global Initiatives in Refugee and Migrant Education: Teaching, Research and Social Responsibility” will provide an opportunity to further develop the Refugee and Migrant Education Network (RME) which was created in November of 2017 in Rome. RME is a network of over 45 universities, NGOs and not for profit organizations which are collaborating on refugee education.

The principle objectives if the conference are:

1. To understand better the realities of refugees globally and the educational needs of refugees

2. To understand better the Global Compact of Refugees and its implications for universities.

3. To devise strategies and foster collaboration so as to increase the number of refugees in university level courses of study in settlement camps.

4. To identify key potential research needs of relief agencies and devise ways of responding.

5. To share best practices regarding education about migrants and refugees within the University context and ways of engaging university students in social responsibility.

6. To provide an opportunity to further build the Refugee and Migrant Education Network.