Walking with Refugees for 40 Years

12 November 2020 at 6:00pm

Save the Date for JRS/USA’s Anniversary

National Virtual Event: 40 Years of Walking with Refugees

Thursday, November 12, 2020 I 6:00 – 7:00 PM Eastern

Join us as we recognize 40 years of service to refugees. The evening will recognize the work JRS has done over the last four decades, express our commitment to continuing to provide service to refugees, and honor those who’ve helped us along the way. We will especially honor the leaders of the Global Education Initiative – an ambitious international campaign to enable us to open the doors of our education programs to 250,000 refugees each year by 2020 – Rita Bennett, Molly Cashin, Margaret Green-Rauenhorst, and Madeline Lacovara.

Featured Speaker Filippo Grandi, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and also appearances by:

The Honorable Madeleine Albright, Former US Secretary of State

President-Elect Joe Biden

Comedian Jim Gaffigan and Writer, Director, and Producer, Jeannie Gaffigan

Rev. James Martin, S.J., Esteemed Author and Editor

Katie Ledecky, Swimmer and Olympian

Marcus Samuelsson, Chef and Restaurateur

Heba Al Basha, JRS Lebanon, Country Director

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Immunologist and Director of the NIAID

Lual Mayen, JRS Education Recipient

Rev. Arturo Sosa, S.J., Superior General of the Society of Jesus

Performances by Grammy Award Winner Isabel Leonard and refugee dance group Salama Africa.

Special message from His Holiness, Pope Francis read by JRS International Director, Rev. Tom Smolich, S.J.

Mollie and John Callagy, Molly and Stephen Cashin, Gwen and Austin Fragomen, Margaret Green Rauenhorst and Michael Rauenhorst, Kate and Steve Howe, Madeline and Philip Lacovara, Sara and William Miller, Kate and Bob Niehaus, David O’Brien, Mara and Daniel O’Day, Melanie and Joe Shugart

Click here or email M.K. Richardson MK.Richardson@jrsusa.org to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

Though the live event has passed, you can still view the whole program.  To receive the link for viewing, please give a minimum gift of $100 to JRS/USA:


Thank You to Our Sponsors

Pedro Arrupe, S.J. Benefactor – $50,000
The Cashin Family
Gwen and Austin Fragomen
Ladies of Bethany
Kate and Bob Niehaus

Education Sponsor $25,000
The Cooper Family Charitable Foundation
The Curtin Family
James and Catherine Denny Foundation
Libby and Terry Fitzgerald
Lynn and Al Gordon
Kate and Steve Howe
Mr. and Mrs. Frank McCourt
Sara and Bill Miller
Tom Murphy
Mara and Daniel O’Day
The Orth-Russert Family
Alexandra Kovach and Lammot J. du Pont
Margaret Green-Rauenhorst and Michael Rauenhorst
The Reynolds Family
Melanie and Joseph Shugart

Livelihoods Sponsor $10,000
Olga Maria and Alberto Beeck
Michael and Guillermina Byrne
Mary Byrne and Thomas Rogan
Mollie and John Callagy
Elizabeth and Michael Cole
Cheryl and Joseph Della Rosa
Michelle and Thomas Dewey
The Walt Disney Company
Aurora and Henry Ferrero
Amy and Philip Goldman
Madeline and Philip Lacovara
Landegger Charitable Foundation
Kathi and Tom Loughlin
Darcy and John Hadjipateras
Nancy McAllister and Richard Card
Judy and Dave McNulty
Microsoft Company
Angie and Frank Mueller
Lawrence Neubauer
Noreen and David O’Brien
Linda and Tim O’Neill
Mark D. Palmer
Mark and Karen Rauenhorst Foundation
Barbara and Charles Rossotti
Lila and Brendan Sullivan Family Foundation
Susan R. and John W. Sullivan Foundation


Advocacy Sponsor – $5,000
Fairfield University
Alexandra and John Amorosi
Teresa Barger-Brown and Travis Brown
Ana Canales and Bruce Streblow
Mary Challinor and Henry Richardson
Rev. Patrick Frawley
Julie and Pat Garvey
Anna and Tom Gerrity
Meg and Tom Healey
Charlene and David Howe Foundation
Kelly and Andre Hunter
In Honor of Herb Karlitz and Marcus Samuelsson
Susan Karches
The Marks Charitable Foundation
Maureen O’Leary
Christopher Ridmann
Ruesch Family Foundation
Mary and Win Rutherfurd
Alexandra and Drew Schiff
Lisa Schiff
Emily and Andrew Serazin
Patrice and Christopher Sobecki
Stephanie and Kurt Wimmer


Reconciliation Sponsor – $2,500

Anja and Thomas Banchoff
Jane Genster and John Buckley
Catholic Health Association of the United States
Emily Chen and Christopher Carrera
Alycia and Michael Crane
Wendy and Stuart Davidson
Pjeter Dushku
Devon and Bijan Eghdami
Thérèse Esperdy and Robert Neborak
Patricia Franco and Charles Clark
Kathleen and Ted Hoff
Richard M. Jeanneret
Kristin Allen and Finn Jones
Ellen and Andrew Kentz
Sarah-Ann Kramarsky
Mary Kresky
Tamra and Joe Lhota
Rebecca Mai
Margaret Maruschak
Liz and David McCreery
Monica McGuire
Courtney and Scott Pastrick
Maria and Chris Phelps
Judith and Robert Rubin
Jeanne Weaver-Ruesch
Nancy and Bryan Ruez
St. Peters Catholic Church, Charlotte
UBS Wealth Management

Ignatian Family Sponsor – $1,500
James Cesare
Shiow Min Chen
Patricia F. Ewing and John A. Garibaldi
Jane and Dennis McAuliffe
Martin J. McLaughlin
Fadi and Amy Samman
John Troiano
Kinne and Michael Yon

Faber Society sponsor – $1,000
Lidia Bastianich
Clare and Michael Bonsignore
Church of St. Ignatius Loyola, NY
Dr. Michael A. Crane and Carolyn R. Caufield
Kathryn and Joseph Cesare
Mark and Vicky Collins
Lynne and David Curtin
Joseph Gerber
Elara and Peter Hadjipateras
John Hanlon
Michael Higgins
James E. Hug, S.J.
Shannon and Joseph Hynds
Thomas R. Lardner
Loyola University New Orleans
Sarah and Timothy McMahon
Miller-Murphy Charitable Fund
Peggy Mussafer
Joan and John Neary
Jillian Neubauer
Sara and John O’Connell
Peter O’Connor
Matthew Reilein
Shirley May Ricketts
Kara Ross
Lauren and Cayce Roy
Paul Saunders
Melissa Smith
Ann and Peter Tanous
Lois and James Vaughan
Patrick Waide
Vicki West
Kathleen Yoh

Bellarmine Society Sponsor – $500-$999
Tanya and Corrado Manuali
Christine Berrettini
Allida Black
Michael Bloom
John and Cheryl Coogan
Carol and Joseph Corgan
Jane and John Corrou
Kathleen Curran
James D. Harper
Susan Herzog
Maria Howe
Christopher Kerr
Jim Lazansky
Lisa Linden
Kimberly and Michael Marsh
Susan and Michael Martin
Mike Miller
Charlie O’Connor
Maurice Reidy
Richard & Elizabeth Scarlata
John J. Shay, Jr.
Mary Jean Tisdale
Deborah van Eck

Gallery of Gratitude
Bill Aheron
Linda Arnold
Andrea Baker
Joan M. Barron
Matthew Basile
Jane and Kevin Belford
Archie Black
Daniel Bowen
Sylvia M. and Jack Briley
Kathleen Brown
Vanessa Buchko
Patricia Caffrey
Janet Callis
Elaine Camarda
James Carr
Robert Cekuta
Angie Cercone
Kara Cesare
Christine Colby Giraudo
Catherine Cornille
Jessie Creel
Kim Daniels
Maryanne Dowd
Sheila Eisenstadt
Isabel and Ricardo Ernst
Colleen and Edward Evert
Kathleen Evert
Rev. Robert Fambrini, S.J.
Tad Flynn
Margaret Forbes
Peter Fritz
Theresa and Bruce Gallemore
Mary Patrick and John Garate
Omar and Amy Garcia
Elizabeth Garino
Deborah Geffken
Mary Gilfeather
Donald L. Gimbel
Jane and Daniel Head
Kathryn Heckman
Judith Heimann
Sara Hill
Rev. David Hollenbach, S.J.
Megaby Horton
Needham Hurst
Leslie Ivers
Angela Joers
Grant Kaiser
Kathleen Kearns
Sr. Carol Keehan
Andrew Kellner
Mary Jo and Paul King
James Kirk
Beth Kissinger
Silvana Kolomejec
Jeffry Korgen
Michael Kreutzer
John Lilly
Victoriano Lopez-Pinto
Hannah Loughlin
Nora Loughlin
Robert J. MacKay
Peter Mahoney
Katherine Marshall
Molly Martinez
Robert & Grace Masson
Marie Mattson
Tracy McCalpin
Jeanne McDermott
John McDermott
Brian McDermott, S.J.
Anne Cullen Miller
Rita Miller
Mrs. Ellie Montazeri
Elise Morrissey
Anne Murphy
Tracy OHeir
Alice M. Poltorick
Hank Prybylski
Jill Purisky
Jeff Rauenhorst
Mark and Karen Rauenhorst
Sarah Rauenhorst
Mary-Jane Reda
Kerry Robinson
Nat Robinson
Susan A. Ross and William George
Norma Rossi
Jonathan Rusch
Stephanie and Patrick Russell
Kathleen Santora
Monica Schaberg
Sharon Schultz
Kelly Sheehan
Clifford Shultz
Edward Shumaker
Sarah Signorino
Miles Smith
Deanna Howes Spiro
Geraldine Stapleton
Charlene Stender
James Stormes
Martha Swanson
Tess Thompson
Kate Vaughan Smith
Doreen Veneziano
Melanne and Philip Verveer
Kathleen Wach
Paul Walczyk
Richard and Sherril Weil
Regina Wolfe
Barbara Zientek

*List of Sponsors as of 11/12/2020