JRS/USA President Job Description

The President of Jesuit Refugee Service/USA is one of nine international regional directors of the worldwide Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS). The President of JRS/USA leads a total staff of 47 to carry out the organization’s work in the U.S.

 JRS/USA is also an integral part of the international operations of JRS, and its President works closely with the International Director, who is based at the Jesuit Curia in Rome. Functioning as the JRS North America Regional Director, the President of JRS/USA also maintains an active relationship with JRS Canada.

 JRS/USA collaborates with the JRS International Office on strategic planning, financial management, policy and program development, international and national advocacy, communications, fundraising, partner stewardship, and public engagement. JRS/USA represents the global mission and work of JRS before United Nations offices in the U.S.; Congress; the U.S. Department of State; other U.S. governmental bodies; Catholic and Jesuit-affiliated networks and organizations; and non-governmental organizations in the United States.


Program Management and Growth:

The JRS/USA President oversees all aspects of JRS operations in the United States and undertakes the following:

    • Enables and manages staff to systematically deliver mission goals, build team spirit, breed enhanced accountability, and think strategically to responsibly grow the organization in the finest Jesuit tradition.
    • Understands the importance of setting clear goals for staff and conducting annual evaluations, and contributes toward systems that apply this culture to the organizational planning process.
    • Supports expanding capacity and impact of JRS advocacy through energizing ongoing network growth. Contributes to policy papers, and provides public advocacy leadership.
    • Ensures quality program development, supporting the JRS/USA Domestic Program team and International Program team, in close linkage to global JRS program leaders, the JRS/USA fundraising department and other global partners.
    • Leads major fundraising requests in the public and private sectors. Provides support to development staff that contributes to successful realization of both restricted and unrestricted development goals.
    • With the JRS/USA management team, prioritizes the overall improvement of management, human resources, IT and administration. Oversees financial management and program reporting systems that keep pace with an expanding public funding process and widening of private donor sources, contributing to stewardship practices that build financial accountability and fundraising capacity.
    • Strengthens JRS communications outreach by encouraging and participating in ongoing engagement with social media platforms as well as traditional media and other means of public education and engagement.
    • Provides overall supervision of U.S.-based program activity, including the Caminar Contigo bi-national border program in El Paso, TX, and the Religious Service Program for detained non-U.S. citizens in five federal detention centers.
    • With the JRS/USA outreach staff, encourages the expansion of liaisons with U.S. Jesuit parishes, universities, colleges and high schools, as well as other religious and lay parties, underscoring important commonalities that contribute to collaborative programs and support.


The President is the chief executive of JRS/USA. The incumbent represents the organization both nationally and internationally, and is expected to undertake frequent travel including trips to JRS offices in Rome, other JRS offices on occasion, JRS program sites supported by JRS/USA, important donor engagements, and relevant conferences.

    • The President is passionate about the JRS mission, able to think strategically about its practical deployment, adept at managing and inspiring staff to deliver measurable results in a team setting, comfortable with building the organization’s financial future, and eloquent in communicating its mission and vision to the public.
    • The President is responsible for the strategic vision of JRS/USA and the day-to-day operations to advance the strategy. The President leads a management team of seven who, in turn, lead JRS departments advancing the organization’s fundraising goals, financial management, advocacy and operations, marketing and communications, mission, International Programs and Domestic Programs.
    • The President models an inclusive staff culture open to faith-based accompaniment and dialogue, in complement with principles, goals and entities of the Jesuit Conference.


  • The President reports to and works closely with the JRS/USA Board of Directors, setting policy for JRS/USA in the areas of financial and administrative management, program development and management, advocacy, communications, and human resources.
  • In addition, the President also works closely with the Corporate Membership of the Society of Jesus in the U.S. (the four U.S. Provincials) through the President of the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the U.S.
  • The President also closely collaborates with the JRS International Director and the global Senior Leadership Team on global strategic directions and operational activities designed to realize the strategy.

To apply or submit nominations for this role, please email JRSUSASearch@heidrick.com.

JRS/USA is an Equal Opportunity Employer, JRS/USA does not discriminate against any person because of race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by the law. We welcome applicants from a diverse spectrum of qualified candidates.