Jesuit Refugee Service/USA Condemns Closing Border to Asylum-Seekers

04 June 2024

On June 4, the Biden Administration announced an executive order that would prevent genuine refugees from seeking asylum by closing the border and restricting access to asylum to those who do not cross at an eligible port of entry should irregular crossings exceed 2,500 in a day. Currently, daily crossings already exceed 2,500, meaning the border closure could take effect immediately once the final rule is in place.  


 “We are deeply disappointed in the Biden Administration’s continued efforts to further restrict access to asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border”
Kelly Ryan, President of Jesuit Refugee Service/USA

 “The United States has long been the world leader in offering safe haven to refugees who have suffered or fear persecution. U.S. law recognizes the right to seek asylum. Instead of slamming the door to those in need of protection, we urge the Biden Administration to reform its asylum system and partner with Mexico and Central American countries to continue to strengthen their asylum systems and to expand opportunities for legal immigration pathways that allow refugees and migrants to flourish in the region in a safe manner that affirms their dignity.” 

JRS/USA has consistently condemned efforts to limit access to asylum including a recent effort by Congress to the close the border as part of the Border Act of 2024. We express opposition to this executive action which implements harmful short-term solutions to address an issue that requires long-term investment in a system that is currently failing both asylum-seekers and American communities.