Jesuit Refugee Service/USA Urges Biden to Accept Ruling Suspending Title 42 for Families

16 September 2021

Today, a federal court order issued by Judge Emmet Sullivan blocked the Biden Administration’s use of public health order Title 42 to expel migrant families that enter the United States at the Southern border. The order takes effect in 14 days. Jesuit Refugee Service/USA welcomed the decision and released the following statement in response:

“The federal court’s order barring the Biden Administration from continuing to use Title 42 is welcome news. In light of this decision, the Biden Administration should accept the court’s ruling and reinstate a fair and humane asylum process at the border,” said Joan Rosenhauer, Executive Director of Jesuit Refugee Service/USA. “Since its original inception under the Trump Administration, Jesuit Refugee Service/USA has stood against this policy, which returns people to violence, breaks families apart, and violates international refugee law. The Biden Administration has a moral and legal duty to rescind Title 42 and revive the United States’ asylum system,” added Joan Rosenhauer.