JRS/USA’s Director of Mission, Fr. Leo J. O’Donovan S.J. Gives the Invocation at the Biden Inauguration

20 January 2021

Father Leo J. O’Donovan S.J., JRS/USA’s Director of Mission gave the invocation at today’s Inauguration Ceremonies for President Joseph R. Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. His prayers were for peace, unity, and most of all, love.

We hope his prayers are heard by our new leaders and that they seek peace and justice, especially for those most vulnerable in our world, refugees.



Be with us, Holy Mystery of Love, as we dream together. Help us under our new President to reconcile the people of our land, restore our dream, and invest it with peace and justice and the joy that is the overflow of love.
Fr. Leo J. O'Donovan S.J.

Read the full invocation here.

Want more for Fr. Leo? Check out Blessed are the Refugees, a book of stories and reflections from children forced to flee from Central America on authored by Fr. Leo, Scott Rose, and the Staff and Volunteers of Catholic Charities’ Esperanza Center.

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