PRESS RELEASE: Jesuit Refugee Service/USA Applauds Supreme Court’s Decision to Allow Termination of ‘Remain in Mexico’

30 June 2022

Washington, DC – Jesuit Refugee Service/USA welcomes the Supreme Court’s ruling on Biden v. Texas which determined that the Biden Administration has the authority to terminate the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), also known as Remain in Mexico.

“Since it was instituted in January 2019, MPP was intended to prevent individuals and families fleeing violence and persecution from seeking protection in the United States,” said Joan Rosenhauer, Executive Director of Jesuit Refugee Service/USA. “Today, the United States is moving forward on reaffirming its values and laws in support of the right of asylum seekers to safely wait in the United States while their asylum claim is processed. We urge the Biden Administration to take all necessary steps to quickly end MPP and establish an effective and efficient asylum process.”

Contrary to the policy’s intent, violence, persecution, and the effects of climate change continue to force individuals and families to flee their home countries in search of safety at the U.S. southern border. Yet, asylum seekers who are exempted from Title 42* and able to petition for asylum were forced to wait in dangerous and uncertain circumstances in northern Mexico with limited access to housing, education, work opportunities, and legal counsel.

“Our staff on the border hear stories every day of families with children who escaped horrific circumstances,” said Joan Rosenhauer. “We are pleased that those who have waited for so long will now be able to make their claims of asylum and seek protection in the U.S. We will continue to work with these families to ensure that their needs are met.”


*Title 42 is a public health authority that allows the U.S. Government to immediately turn away migrants at the southern border.