Take Action: Restore Asylum at the US Border

15 April 2021

People fleeing conflict and persecution have a fundamental right to seek protection, but many countries – including the United States – continue to close their borders to asylum seekers because of the pandemic.

In a new report by JRS/USA and Georgetown University’s Institute for the Study of International Migration released a new report, Seeking Protection in a Pandemic: COVID-19 and the Future of Asylum. The report finds that restrictions put into place during the pandemic will have long-lasting impacts on US and global asylum policies.

As advocates across the US meet with their policymakers as part of JRS/USA’s Advocacy Day and share this report, take action to support their message and ask your representatives to reinstate access to asylum at the US southern border.


For more resources and information on how you can support asylum-seekers, visit Seeking Asylum at the US Border.