Peace: Bethlehem Candle

Advent Activities for the week of December 10th

A voice cries out: In the desert prepare the way of the LORD! Make straight in the wasteland a highway for our God!
IS 40:1-5, 9-11

Prayer for lighting the candle  

A prayer of the Holy Family 

The road we take
leads toward the promise
of security and stability
for we flee not solely
in fear, nor do we make this pilgrimage
for the pursuit of untold riches.
We do not seek to spread terror,
for how dearly do we cling on to hope
in knowing that goodness abounds
wherever we shall land
as a unit, but much more
than a statistic or a painfully
vetted file, rather, a family,
peculiar and unusual like any other:
united, courageous, holy. 

A prayer by Josh Utter, JRS/USA Advocacy Officer, Inspired by Matthew 2: 13-23 


Increasing global challenges and instability are weakening efforts toward achieving peace. When hope is hard to find, divisions provoke social conflicts, frustrations, and violence.   

Women, men, and children forced to flee their homes are among those paying the highest price. Some experience incredible hardship on their journey to safety and are often met with hostility in their host countries. Others are left at the margins, with their needs neglected and their voices unheard.   

This week the invitation is to be present in parts of the world in need of peace. And to look at this reality and let us be affected by it. 

  1. U.S. – Mexico Border
  2. Statement for Peace: Palestine & Israel
  3. Sudan

Action of PEACE  

“Be artisans of peace, around you and within you; ambassadors of peace, so that the world can discover the beauty of love, of living together, of fraternity and solidarity” POPE FRANCIS 

Like Artisans use their skills, passion, and creativity to patiently craft unique items, we too can devote our time and care to create peaceful communities. 

This week we invite you to:  

  • Pray for political leaders and decision makers, that they may listen to the stories of displaced persons and that their policies may prioritize refugees. 
  • Advocate by contacting your policymakers and asking for their support. Your voice is critical in helping refugees.