2024 JRS Lenten Resource

12 February 2024|Jesuit Refugee Service|Spiritual Reflection and Resources

To help you enter this Lenten season, Jesuit Refugee Service offers this spiritual booklet, which seeks to bring us into communion with our brothers and sisters who have been forcibly uprooted. 

For over 110 million people today, exile, no matter the motive, is a true Passover, a crossing, a passage through treacherous borders. 

It is an act of faith in the promise of a “resurrected” life. Upon closer examination, the life of a migrant resonates with the Paschal Mystery. Between the two cries, that of agony and that of the joy of the Resurrection, we are called to move in two directions: to reach out to them with every possible form of hospitality and learn from them. 

This is the purpose of this Lenten journey:

To join Jesus in the desert for 40 days with his forcibly 

displaced companions.

Download the full resource (EN), today.