Prayer Guide: Our Lady of the Way

07 May 2024|JRS/USA - Clara Sayans|Spiritual Reflection and Resources

Friday, May 24 marks the feast of the Madonna della Strada (Our Lady of the Way) patroness of the Society of Jesus. This is an opportunity to gather the whole Ignatian family around the image of Our Lady of the Way to pray for people who are on the move.

JRS/USA invites you, individually or as a community, to dedicate a short time of prayer for our refugee and migrant siblings during this month of May. This guided prayer takes only 20 minutes during which you can learn more about the reality of those who are on the move and ask Our Lady of the Way to keep under her mantle these men, women and children who are forcibly displaced.

Join JRS and the greater Ignatian family in this initiative to pray for those impacted by the reality of migration and all people affected by conflict, persecution, natural disasters who flee to build a new life.