A Christmas Prayer for Refugees

23 December 2021|Spiritual Reflection and Resources

As we celebrate Christmas, use this prayer to reflect on the joy and hope that the birth of Jesus brings us, and how we use this joy and hope to care for our refugee brothers and sisters.

What a gift it is, this mystery before us, New life.

May we cradle this child with tenderness.

We commit ourselves to care for his future, to keep him safe, as we see so much promise.

A promise that  reveals a steadfast spirit to renew this earth and guide us on our way forward.

What joy we feel today, knowing that we have not been abandoned,

That our God is here, present,

Waking and crying out, yearning to be held,

A reminder of the promise that we are so deeply loved, just as we love this child.

Photo: Rahma, a refugee from Ethiopia, in Kakuma Refugee camp with her adopted daughter, Blaze.

Rahma came to Kakum together with her husband and oldest son in 2018, While her 8 other children remained behind. She took a training and now work as a JRS staff for the Special Needs program. She adopted baby Blaze who was left alone by her mother and father, saying “She will stay with me until she grows up and feel safe, and I will carry her as my own”

(Photographer: Fredrik Lerneryd)