Prayer for Forty Years: A JRS Mission Prayer

29 September 2020|Spiritual Reflection and Resources

As Jesuit Refugee Service recognizes our 40th anniversary and the journey we have been on, we pray for those who’ve been our companions – beneficiaries, benefactors, volunteers, staff, leaders, and partners in countries around the world – and ask for Fr. Arrupe’s continued intervention so that we can continue our mission as long as a need exists. If you are interested in reciving hard copies of the prayer cards, please email

God of all,

As we move forward from the familiar comfort of home, whether we are a refugee on the road

Or a companion to our displaced siblings, may we be aware

Of what gives movement to our steps: love.

May we take that love and carry it forth, beyond borders

So we may accompany, serve, and advocate

On behalf of all displaced people

And sustain the mission through the years to come

As long as there are people on this earth seeking refuge and protection.

On this journey, if we ever feel overwhelmed by the injustice of displacement, may we remember

To act as if we only possess your love and your grace, for that is all we need,

As you hold us in your hands.


It is indeed a profound spiritual experience to know and feel myself so totally in God’s hands.
Pedro Arrupe, SJ

Icon of Fr. Pedro Arrupe, SJ done by Kelly Latimore