Forced Migration Trends in the Americas

16 February 2024|JRS/USA, JRS/LAC, Encuentros, SJM/Bolivia, SJM/Peru, & SJMR/Brazil |Policy and Advocacy

In the Americas, during the second half of 2023, new violations of the rights of refugees, migrants, and forcibly displaced persons continued to emerge. In this report, JRS teams (Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico and the United States), SJM Peru, SJM Bolivia and SJMR Brazil, point out situations that suffered from a lack of protection in the region, encouraging the provision of comprehensive and protective responses in conjunction with States, humanitarian organizations, and civil societies.

This report include perspectives of Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, and the United States, where protection gaps, violence, risks and manifestations of discrimination and xenophobia experienced by people who migrate in the Americas in search of opportunities and international protection.

The information discusses:

  • People and communities made invisible in forced migration in the region
  • Policies of militarization and securitization at the borders
  • Risks on migratory routes in the Americas
  • Gray zones of international protection, immigration regularization and government response
  • Guarantee of rights of refugee, migrant and displaced girls, boys and adolescents, especially unaccompanied children and adolescents and institutional response
  • Guarantee of human rights to cross-border indigenous peoples
  • Opportunities for reconciliation and hospitality
  • Special Chapter: The Darién Gap

We invite you to read and share this regional context report, which allows us to review, analyze and call for the comprehensive protection of refugees, migrants and forcibly displaced people.