Host a Screening of Not Just Football

17 May 2019|Action Toolkits

Looking for ways this summer to raise awareness about refugees? Host a screening of Not Just Football, a new film that documents the origin story of Darfur United, a soccer team created by Darfuri Refugees. Partner with JRS/USA and iAct in bringing this documentary to your local community.


Step 1: Establish goals for your event. What’s the purpose of the screening? Who do you hope to reach? A goal keeps the organizing focused and on track.

Step 2: Identify potential partners. Who could co-host this event with you and help increase publicity? Aim for partners that can help you achieve your goals and provide support for the event.

Step 3: Confirm logistics. Where and when will the screening be held? Choose a date, time, and venue for the event. Be sure to e-mail so that JRS/USA is aware of your event and available to help in any way.

Step 4: Register your event.  Be sure to register your event by e-mailing or fill out this form so that JRS/USA is aware of your event and can send you materials in advance.

Step 5:  Organize your event. What is needed to make your event happen? Recruit volunteers, give assignments, secure supplies, etc. Visit iAct’s page to pay for the streaming of the film.

Step 6: Advertise. Post on social media, make flyers and posters, talk to friends and colleagues, and make announcements. Be sure to check out iAct’s website for print resources.
Whenever possible, make sure to tag or acknowledge JRS/USA and iAct. We want to be active in your efforts!

Step 6: Day of Event. Allow time for participants to reflect after watching the film (questions on page 2). Be sure to set up a table for participants to learn more about the refugees JRS/USA serves. Also, make sure there is a way to facilitate collection of money and checks, in case people wish to donate to the cause. For more information on handling donations, follow this link:

Most importantly, have fun!

Step 7: Wrap-Up. Make sure to thank your partners and volunteers. Following the event, contact JRS/USA and let us know how it went. Send any new contacts and picture.

About Not Just Football

Not Just Football is a 70-minute documentary that follows Gabriel Stauring, the founder of iAct, a JRS partner. Inspired by the plight of thousands of refugees who fled from the Darfur region of Sudan, Gabriel created “Darfur United” in 2012, a soccer team comprised of young Darfuri refugees living in the refugee camps of Chad.

Through exclusive access to 500 hours of video footage taken directly by Gabriel Stauring and other characters in the film, Not Just Football follows the journey of Darfur United players, from the dust of the refugee camps to the lights of the World Football Cup; and along the complex path of displacement.

Questions for Reflection

  1. Where do you flourish? How would you feel if you were deprived of that capacity?
  2. Although life may seem to defeat us at times, how do we measure success?
  3. How can you support the refugee community in finding a place where they can thrive? How do we cultivate such a space?

JRS and Recreational Activities

JRS works with refugees and displaced people in more than 50 countries around the world. In our work to accompany, serve, and advocate for refugees and displaced people, we seek to provide opportunities for refugees to fulfill their own potential and contribute to society.

One of the ways we do that is through recreational programming, like sports, dancing, or music. Check out these stories to learn more:

Not Just Football on World Refugee Day

Do you live in Washington, DC? Join us on World Refugee Day, June 20, for a screening of Not Just Football. Part of our World Refugee Day campaign, With My Own Two HandsThe screening and panel discussion will focus on current status of global displacement and how investing in refugee talent can help create a more sustainable future for those who are forcibly displaced. Click here for tickets and more information.

What more can you do?

If you’re feeling inspired from hosting this film screening or have audience members looking to get involved, here are three ways to take action:

  1. Organize your own soccer game! Gather the local community for a game that raises awareness about Darfur United, whether it’s through a fundraiser for JRS/USA or by playing with your local refugee community.
  2. Host a Walk a Mile in My Shoes simulation
  3. Advocate on behalf of refugees and engage your local representative!  Click here to learn more and sign up for our action alerts.