Journeys of Hope: Stories of refugees on the road to Europe

29 September 2016|JRS Publications

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Originally published on World Refugee Day 2016, JRS Europe is now pleased to present ‘Journeys of Hope: Stories of refugees on the road to Europe’ in French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Thousands of people seeking protection have come to Europe. Who are they? Where do they come from? Even more: which strength of heart pushes these people to dangerous and costly travels? What is their hope? Where do they find the courage to be people on the move?

As the mission of JRS is to accompany these people, serve them, and advocate for them, we want to listen first to their voices, as they are travelling and crossing so many obstacles.

Journeys of Hope started as a documentary series of live weekly dispatches from the refugee routes from February to March 2016.

Realities on the ground may have changed, but the individual voices, hopes and dreams of people seeking a new, safe life in Europe have not.