No Giving Up

18 May 2015|JRS Publications

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No Giving Up: Stories of Unfinished Journeys recounts the experiences of six Somali women who are seeking asylum in Malta. The women voice their fears, but also their dreams. They speak about the reasons they left their country and the challenges they faced throughout their journey, which is still unfinished. They make a strong appeal to our solidarity, as they persist in their search for protection and for a life of freedom and dignity.

“In my country my rights were violated. I could not go to school. I could not choose who to marry. My life was not mine but dictated by someone else. In the desert, it was the same, and here too I find myself in the same situation, in detention, without any control over my life, at the dictates and mercy of someone else… If I am to be respected, first I need to be free, free from the bars surrounding me, free from being controlled by someone else, free to run my life.”