Refugee Action Team Toolkit

23 October 2023|Action Toolkits

A JRS Refugee Action Team is a group of individuals dedicated to organizing their own community to support displaced people around the world through raising awareness, advocacy, fundraising, and other programming centered on refugees. JRS Refugee Action Teams are diverse in their membership and scope. A Refugee Action Team can be created at a school or on a college campus, in a parish, or with any group interested in promoting greater understanding of, and support for, refugees and the forcibly displaced.

This toolkit will provide you with guidelines, suggestions, and resources to help you launch your Action Team and ensure it is successful! On behalf of those we serve, we sincerely thank you for advocating for the rights of the vulnerable. We look forward to forming a partnership that will help build welcoming and supportive communities in the U.S. while changing the lives of many around the world.