Emulating Our Lady of Guadalupe

12 December 2019

Almost 500 years ago, the Virgin Mary appeared in Mexico. She chose to reveal herself to a humble farmer, and appeared as indigenous herself, speaking his language. Our Lady serves as a reminder that God loves and accepts all people. Our Lady of Guadalupe is also the Patroness of the Americas and has held special meaning for many migrants and forcibly displaced people, and beginning in 2016, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has named the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe a day of prayer in solidarity with immigrants and refugees.

Today we celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe. As we celebrate her feast day, may we use her as a model for how to welcome those seeking freedom, security, or a hopeful future in our own country. Just as Mary humbly revealed herself, so to must we welcome those who have been marginalized in society have important contributions to make.

Here are three ways you can celebrate:

  1. Offer your prayers for all asylum seekers at the U.S.’s southern border that they may find safety, security, and refuge.

  2. Learn more about our work in Mexico.

  3. Write to your legislator and let them know that you want to welcome asylum seekers and oppose the “Remain in Mexico” policy.