Happy New Year from JRS/USA

01 January 2020

This past year has not gone as we had expected or planned, but with the support of our advocates, donors, and friends, we’ve still been able to make a significant impact for our refugee brothers and sisters. As we look back at this year, we are humbled by the resilience of the people we serve, the ingenuity of our colleagues around the world to continue to serve, and by our supporters’ generosity.

Where has JRS/USA made an impact in 2020? 

  1. We provided over $3 Million from private gifts and $14 Million from the US Government to our projects that support refugees and displaced people around the world. Click here to see the over 50 countries where we work.
  2. Together, JRS/USA staff, volunteers, and supporters walked, biked, and moved more than 17,000 miles in solidarity with displaced people over the course of 40 days. Learn more about our 40 Miles challenge here.
  3. We continued to advocate for asylum and against harmful policies, like, “Remain in Mexico” with the publication of a report that urges policy makers to oppose it and restore asylum and for policies to support refugees with more than 4100 letters from JRS/USA supporters to elected officials.
  4. We celebrated our companions of over the last 40 years and recognized those who’ve supported us along the way, with a virtual event featuring President-Elect Biden, celebrities, and refugee voices and talent.
  5. We continued to share the stories of those forced to flee, releasing an educational resource that outlines the story of two women who were forced to flee their homes.

Happy New Year from our JRS/USA Team! We are hopeful, with your support, we will continue to make significant impact on the lives of refugees in 2021.