JRS Chad: Life Skills Project

21 July 2022

A woman standing by a standing note pad in front of a classroom of students.
JRS French course at HIAS learning center, at Djabal refugee camp in Chad. A project funded by UNHCR through BPRM. Credits to Irene Galera

Four French, English, and IT students at the Arrupe Learning Center in Djabal Sudanese refugee camp, Chad, share their experiences as participants of JRS courses for refugees.

The project is supported by UNHCR through the BRPM funds.

Hassania Mahamat Souleyman

25 years old, living in Djabal refugee camp since 2003, she studies the intermediate level of IT and English with JRS. She just finished the last Higher Secondary Education grade and was a candidate for the BAC exams in June 2022.












“I study English and IT because I want to learn and become a doctor. Before JRS course, I had never touched a computer. [After JRS course], when I work at the hospital, I will be able to do my research on Internet if there is any sickness I do not know. With the English skills, I will be able to understand foreigners.”

Abdelkarim Daoud Ismael

23 years old, living in Djabal refugee camp since 2004, he has been a Primary School Teacher at Djabal since 2014. For the past four years with JRS, he’s been learning IT, French, and English. He has already finished the B2 level of English and he sat for the DELF exams for the B1 level of French.












“Learning French, English, and IT improved my work as a teacher. Foreign languages are very important, without the French language we can’t not understand some people here [in Chad]. The IT knowledge is helpful for working, and English adapted to informatics is crucial. English is also very important for us Sudanese. It is a language spoken in our country [Sudan], and it is necessary for doing some jobs there. The JRS course I loved the most was the English one, because we practiced dialogues and watched videos.

To prepare for the DELF exams this year we listened to radio broadcasts in class and prepared the questions.”

Hababaa Adam Moursal

22 years old, a Chadian national living in Goz-Beida, Hababaa went to school at Djabal refugee camp because she said the education was better than in her town. She wants to do her BAC exams, but she currently does not have the financial resources. As of now, she’s learning French with JRS because she did not learn the language at school. Her little sister, who also studies in the camp, accompanies her sometimes to the French lessons.













“I go to French class twice per week in the camp because I want to be able to talk with people. French will also help me a lot to study at University and become a doctor.”

Ahmed Mahamat Abakar

16 years old, he lives in Djabal refugee camp with his four brothers and his mother. She provides the main source of income since Ahmed’s father passed away. Ahmed is a person with a disability, and studies 3ème at Djabal high school. At the same time, since 2021, he also participates on JRS A1 French lessons and, since 2022, in the basic IT courses.












“I study IT and French because it will help me in the future. It will be easier to work and to communicate with others. Since the IT lessons are in French, I need to know the language. Education is very important in my life. Life without education is like a day without light. I want to be well-educated. It will help me to work and live easily. I want to become a teacher.


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