JRS Nigeria: Education and Hygiene Support in IDP Camps

28 March 2024|JRS Nigeria

The ongoing insurgency in North-east Nigeria has resulted in an increasing number of people being forced to flee their homes in search of safety and security. These individuals and families are seeking shelter in Internally Displaced Persons Camps (IDP) located in various areas, including the capital city, Abuja. In these camps, access to basic amenities is limited, hygiene conditions are poor, and access to health and education for children is inadequate.

JRS Nigeria, with support from JRS USA, is providing education and hygiene support to students at the Nos Vies En Partage (Our Shared Lives) School located within the New Kuchingoro IDP Camp in the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja. The intervention by JRS Nigeria includes the distribution of learning and hygiene materials to approximately 400 students in the school, as well as teaching aids for the teachers, including picture charts, whiteboard markers, erasers, class registers, and textbooks.

“Previously, many students complained about not having writing materials and would often borrow from others in class. Since receiving the writing materials from JRS, there has been a noticeable improvement in the classroom. Students are more focused, and they participate more effectively. Additionally, the teaching aids provided, such as charts, dusters, and whiteboard markers, have greatly enhanced our teaching experience,” said Bilikisu Pricilia, a volunteer teacher and resident of the camp.

The arrival of JRS to conduct the needs assessment was a dream come true for me.
Mr. Luka Yalhuma, the head teacher and resident of the IDP Camp

The support provided was the result of a needs assessment conducted by the team at the country office in Nigeria. This assessment aimed to identify gaps in access to services in the IDP camp, particularly in education, health, WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene), protection, and livelihood.

“The school began with only three volunteer teachers, despite facing numerous challenges. We aimed to provide basic education to children in the camp affected by insurgency in Adamawa, Borno, and Yobe States,” explained Mr. Luka Yalhuma, the head teacher and resident of the IDP Camp. “The arrival of JRS to conduct the needs assessment was a dream come true for me. JRS handing over the facilities they built for the school after three years of reaching out to organizations and individuals for support, especially the additional classroom blocks for our pupils to have a safe and comfortable learning environment. Previously, there was no individual or NGO that took the step to help us with this. However, with JRS renovating our existing structures and constructing new ones, we now have a very nice and safe place for children to learn. Both the teachers, pupils, and the community are very pleased with this development,” concluded Mr. Luka.

The newly constructed temporary learning space, two gender-separated latrines, completed two additional classroom blocks, and a handwashing station have been handed over to the school. At the launch event, Mr. Aturu

Jonah, the Director of Special Needs Education for the Federal Capital Territory, expressed appreciation to JRS for their intervention in the school. He stated that such intervention supports the government’s efforts to provide basic education to children in displaced situations.

In addition to the education and hygiene support already provided, JRS will also provide the school with a capitation grant to help enroll more IDP and host community out-of-school children. Additionally, training will be offered to the teachers and the school-based management committee on inclusive education and resource mobilization.

Consider joining us today to continue accompanying refugees and IDP’s by supporting access to education and water.