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Oppose HR.2 - Secure The Border Act

Every day, our neighbors arrive at U.S. borders asking for help. Many come fleeing violence and persecution, having traveled from all corners of the globe. People like Madison and Maria, for instance, came to the border in a desperate attempt to protect their children, who had been targeted by violent criminal organizations. Yet since the beginning of the pandemic, most of those arriving at our southern border have been expelled without even an opportunity to present their case for asylum.

With the pandemic-era Title 42 policy coming to an end on May 11, the House of Representatives is considering legislation (the Secure the Border Act – HR 2) that would drastically limit the ability to seek asylum in the U.S. In addition, this legislation would require the detention of families and make it significantly more likely that they are deported to dangerous situations. This bill would cause chaos at the border and undermine the ability of humanitarian organizations to provide essential services.

It is important that we send a clear message to our Members of Congress that while the United States has a responsibility to protect its borders, this bill far exceeds that mandate, failing to treat our migrant brothers and sisters with the dignity we all share as beloved children of God.

Please join us in telling your representatives that you oppose these major changes to our immigration system and support restoring fair access to asylum.