End Title 42

Please join us in speaking out for those who need our protection.

The Biden Administration has yet to announce plans to end Title 42, a ban on those seeking asylum at the US southern border.


Introduced in March 2020, Title 42 has been used to deny the opportunity for thousands of asylum-seekers to petition for safety. Kidnapping, extortion, and violence plague the most vulnerable as they wait in Mexico.

In partnership with Hope Border Institute, and as organizations that are currently present at the border in El Paso, Texas, we plead for your assistance in ending Title 42.  We need to speak out on behalf of those who are in desperate need of our protection.

Send a message to President Biden and your members of Congress now, urging them to restore access to asylum for all. Border communities have the capacity to welcome asylum seekers and are ready and eager to support them. It’s time to #RestoreWelcome.