JRS Cambodia operates a welcome center in Phnom Penh, accompanying and serving urban refugees and members of the Montagnard ethnic group through social assistance and education. JRS Cambodia advocates for stateless Vietnamese people, assisting with the attainment of documents, allowing the children of this vulnerable group to attend school and gain perspective on sustainable futures.

In Siem Reap, JRS works with children of migrant workers, who have been forced to leave their families behind in search of economic opportunities in Thailand. JRS Cambodia also assists those who are still suffering from the trauma of war, conflict and displacement.

JRS Cambodia publishes research on relevant issues that create refugee crises, such as poverty, war, degradation of land, and disarmament. Publications look at the issues through the eyes of the those affected, encouraging justice and reconciliation. JRS also coordinates the Metta Karuna reflection centre in Siem Reap, where visitors can come to heal and raise awareness about the struggles they face in a safe, interfaith environment. Each year, JRS Cambodia organizes a regional workshop at the centre. The theme of the 2018 workshop will be ways to welcome, protect, promote, and integrate people from mixed migration flows.OUR

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Vietnamese refugee in Cambodia. (Jesuit Refugee Service)
Refugees in Cambodia. (Jesuit Refugee Service)
Fr Thomas H Smolich SJ, JRS International Director, visits the JRS Cambodia team. (Jesuit Refugee Service)
Reconciliation workshop in Cambodia. (Jesuit Refugee Service)