Democratic Republic of the Congo

Number of people served in 2020: 24,650

Two decades of conflict and instability have left the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with a weakened infrastructure and poor social services. Armed groups continue to roam eastern DRC, fueled by local and regional issues of identity, poverty, land conflict, and corrupt governance. Currently, there are more than 4.5 million internally displaced people (IDP) in the country, living in a mix of official and unofficial camps, as well as with host families.

JRS Programs in DRC

JRS provides quality formal and informal education for IDPs in camps surrounding Goma, Masisi and Mweso. JRS also sponsors extracurricular activities such as sports, films, and traditional dance to help children from both host and camp communities interact peacefully and find common ground.  

See Our Work

Adult students learn to write at the Formation Center in Lubushere Camp outside of Masisi. (Jesuit Refugee Service)
A student participates in math class at a school in Goma built and supported by JRS. (Don Doll, SJ)
A JRS teacher training class for Math instructors in Mweso, Democratic Republic of the Congo. (Don Doll, SJ)
Fr. Tom Smolich, International director of Jesuit Refugee Service celebrates mass with Fr. Cyprien, and & local pastor in Mweso. (Don Doll, SJ)
Sr Regina MISSANGAFr. visits with Cecilia who JRS help with her shelter which cost about $29 in Kalinga camp. (Jesuit Refugee Service)


JRS DRC Country Director

Daniele De Angelis

Project locations:

Goma, Masisi, Mweso

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