South Sudan

Number of people served in 2020: 19,936

Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) has been working in Sudan and Southern Sudan since 1997 in the area of education, pastoral care, peacebuilding, and reconciliation.

As peace dawned in Sudan in 2005, JRS adapted its work to respond to the changing circumstances supporting refugee return from neighboring countries. After a vote for independence in 2011, the new State of South Sudan was established. JRS ceased operations under its mandate. After the civil war broke out in 2013, operations were restarted.

Currently, JRS South Sudan operates large integrated programs of work in Maban County of Upper Nile and Yambio County in Western Equatoria focused on providing education and psycho-social and pastoral support to refugees, IDPs, returnees, and host community in an ever more conflict-sensitive and gender-responsive manner.

Our Work in South Sudan

JRS South Sudan is currently present in Maban (northern South Sudan) and Yambio (southern South Sudan). In addition to working with refugees coming from neighboring countries, due to the recent conflict in the country, a big amount of the beneficiaries served by JRS in South Sudan are Internally Displaced People (IDPs) who had to re-settle running from violence and insecurity.

JRS, South Sudan offers a different kinds of services to accompany refugees and IDPs in both locations.

In Maban, JRS provides a variety of programs such as training for teachers, school materials, a daycare for disabled children, home visits, counseling, and emergency assistance. JRS Maban also coordinates social centers for refugee women while providing them opportunities to learn tailoring, life skills, and gain psychosocial support.

In Yambio, JRS provides education scholarships to girls attending secondary school, sanitary kits to young women attending school, and teacher training scholarships to assist with diplomas and education degrees. JRS also provides a community and school-based peace-building initiative that uses mediation and workshops for encouraging reconciliation rather than violence.

We hope one day our work will no longer be needed. But until then, lets pray for JRS SS to keep with its so necessary duty as long as it is required.


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A group of adults dance, sing, and stomp their feet in a circle as they prepare for an International Women's Day celebration in Maban, South Sudan. (Rashidah McCoy/Jesuit Refugee Service)
A mother massages the arms of her child who attends the JRS Daycare in Maban, where mothers of disabled children come to learn about how to care for their children and interact with other mothers of disabled children. (Rashidah McCoy/Jesuit Refugee Service)
Maban: A girl has her lunch at the Gulawein school, in Maban, South Sudan. Around 200 children attend this school supported by Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS), which is building new classrooms, providing daily food and paying teachers. (Albert Gonzalez Farran)
Students in an English class in the Arrupe Learning Center, run by Jesuit Refugee Service in Bunj, South Sudan. Participants come from four refugee camps in Maban County that together shelter more than 130,000 refugees from the Blue Nile region of Sudan, along with local residents from the host community. Misean Cara provides support for the work of Jesuit Refugee Service in Maban. (Paul Jeffrey Paul Jeffrey / Misean Cara)
Children form a pyramid as they participate in recreational activities sponsored by Jesuit Refugee Service in the Doro Refugee Camp in Maban, South Sudan. The camp is one of four in Maban that together shelter more than 130,000 refugees from the Blue Nile region of Sudan. The recreational program is one of several psycho-social activities that JRS carries out in the camp. (Paul Jeffrey Paul Jeffrey / Misean Cara)
Basamat Alnoor Jakolo Aldabi teaches school in the Kaya Refugee Camp in Maban County, South Sudan. The camp shelters thousands of refugees, including this teacher, from the Blue Nile region of Sudan, and Jesuit Refugee Service, with support from Misean Cara, provides educational and psycho-social services to both refugees and the host community. (Paul Jeffrey Paul Jeffrey / Misean Cara)


JRS South Sudan Country Director

Juba, South Sudan

Project locations:

Maban, Yambio

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