Number of people served in 2020: 64,148

The ongoing humanitarian crisis in Venezuela has left thousands of people without access to food, education, healthcare, and the ability to make a living. As many Venezuelans flee to neighboring countries, some remain in the country, where the economic and societal violence continues. An estimated five thousand people flee the country each day.  

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JRS Venezuela staff works to bring people together to reconstruct a common solidarity and build spaces where dialogue and peace are furthered for the Cultural Caravan for Community Hospitality project. (Jesuit Refugee Service)
Women participate to a nutrition and alternative cooking workshop organised by JRS Venezuela to help people cope with the humanitarian crisis. (Jesuit Refugee Service)
Venezuelans return home after buying essential goods in Colombia. (George Castellanos / Jesuit Refugee Service)


JRS Venezuela Country Director:

Yovanny Bermudez S.J.

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Zulia State, Táchira state, Apure State 

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